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Last Updated: 6/1/2022
Site Author/Photos: John Pappas
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Welcome! Kalos Orisate!

John plays Klarino

John and one of his klarina, Summer 2007.

John in foustanella

Yiannis Pappayiorgas in Foustanella of Kandyla, Tripoleos, Arkadia.

My name is John Pappas; my original, Greek name is Yiannis (Ioannis) Pappayiorgas. This site contains information on Greek folk music, Greek dance, traditional Greek costume, and related Greek folklore. I will be adding and changing my Greek music and Greek dance information on a fairly regular basis, so feel free to drop in regularly to see what is new!

What's New - 3/23/2019

In Person!

I have produced recordings of traditional folk music for many of the regional Greek folk dances, which you can order through this site. Right now we offer four CD volumes of music. You may also purchase dance descriptions for many of the Greek dances that I have learned and researched over the years. On occasion, I may also sell items from my folk instrument collection here on the site.

If you're planning a church festival, wedding, baptism, or party to be held in Northern California, our traditional Greek folk orchestra, T'Adelphia, is available to provide dance and listening music for your enjoyment. Our five-piece ensemble performs music from all regions of Greece, featuring the klarino (Greek clarinet), bouzouki, and violin.

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